Chabad of West Marin Chai


Who are Chai Shareholders? 

Chai Shareholders are a group of dedicated, monthly investors, passionate about sharing the gift of joyful Judaism with our community. 

Chai means life, and Chai Shareholders are the heart of our community. Like a heart constantly beating, their monthly investment provides essential support and stability. 

By covering our overhead and recurring expenses, Chai Shareholders empower us to devote our time and resources exclusively to enriching lives in West Marin.

Become a Chai Shareholder Today!

It's simple, impactful, and you can adjust your investment at any time.

In Jewish tradition, the Heavenly reward for good deeds is divided equally between those who perform them, and those who facilitate them.

As a Chai Shareholder, you will have a share in the tremendous good that is being generated and you’ll receive special updates informing you of the great things you’re making possible. 

Together, let's secure the future for Jewish life in West Marin.

Gold (Share+)

Lowell & Jacquie Strauss

Zalman Berkowitz

Silver (Share)

Meir & Jessica Marom

Bronze (Slice)

Boruch Hecht

Devorah Leah Berkowitz

Gabriel Ross

Lee & Mara K.

Mendel & Biny Zwiebel

Menachem Cohen

Menachem Cohen


Rachel Winner

Shaina & Mendel Bergstein

Yankel Berkowitz

Yitzchok Barber

Yossi M.

How does this work?

You select an amount you'd like to give every month and pay with your credit card. Your card will automatically get charged every month on the same day.

How long is the commitment?

For as long as you'd like. Our system will charge your card monthly until you decide to increase or otherwise. Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

Where does this money go towards?

Recurring expenses and ongoing programs. Our goal is to cover major events with fees and sponsorships, and to cover ongoing programs with Chai Shareholder contributions.

Doesn't Chabad have lots of money?

Each Chabad center is LOCALLY funded. We do not get any major funding from Chabad HQ, and each center is individually managed and funded. We're deeply grateful for your partnership.